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Two one-hour programs — children’s and teen specials hosted by bestselling author Jon Scieszka and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Jason Reynolds — offer a brisk and entertaining preview of the dozens of pre-recorded videos featuring authors from the festival. Watch the specials and full-length videos. Today, the National Woman’s Party (NWP) announced the […]

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Nothing is getting done in the House because Democrats refuse to compromise with who’s unhappy. Because the House of Representatives is an example of how a Democrat-controlled portion of the government is run. They’re about to have more conservative judges than the liberals, they have the Senate and the white house, but still unhappy, why. […]

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He coming for you Jordan!, nope. That was the World Food Program, of which Hunter Biden was the Chairman. That’s got to burn. that’s true, he is making millions off him and government officials staying at his properties Who should burn? Hunter? Haven’t seen him on the campaign trail, unlike the Trump family! Wonder why! […]

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Do you know anything about the history of Berlin after the wall went down? About the many abandoned houses that belonged to no one, because people just left them behind and went to live in West-Germany? About houses in the dire state? The people in Liebig 34 were renters before, but their landlord wanted to […]

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Kamala Harris didn’t even need to lift a finger, because Pence was conquered by a fly. If the votes are counted and determined to be legitimate, and any recounts are completed, the current or future president will be the president in January, like it always has been. Buy it: Eddie Van Halen 1955 forever signature […]

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American billionaires corporation didn’t want to pay Americans Fair wages and good health care -along with there for sure of taxes which drained the hell out of them (democrats, Independence, and Republican voters) middle class. Democrats are acting like voting is done at the polls and the media are the voters.Fox is becoming more of […]

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Don’t worry their out their woodwork” and they’re more like cockroaches people that have no idea what they are talking about don’t look at the facts and just vote off of ideas that “sound good” Cockroaches that will make you cry again and find a safe space. Brainwashed kool-aid drinking mommies boy. not this time, […]