The Best Graphic T-Shirts For Men 12/09/2020 Gutted we won’t see a third

I think what mkaes a great horror film is just focus and originality. Not every movie needs to break new ground but I enjoy when I see films that excel in story or visuals, special effects, acting, pacing, etc. The best films seem to do it all. I think the slasher genre just sort of burned itself out. With that being said, there still have been some great modern slashers. Check out (2014) The Town That Dreaded Sundown. As for our own modern day Freddy or Jason, I’d say Jigsaw is a good example of that. The Best Graphic T-Shirts For Men 12/09/2020 Gutted we won’t see a third. That’s a good question though, it’s been quite some time since we’ve had a franchise quite as prolific as those two. I think the slasher genre has become more TV Series oriented and I think that’s for the better. 

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