You can’t scare me I work at MCDonald’s I’ve seen it all Halloween shirt

It was said that German soldiers hate 3 battles and soldiers. They hated the British in a static war or a holding battle. They hated the Canadians in house to house close quarter fighting because Canadians were barbaric and enjoyed fighting with bayonets and wounding superficially. Many German soldiers had multiple stab wounds before being dispatched with a bullit. They really hated the Americans when there was a push on because the Americans had excess of equipment. Were the British would have 5 howitzers, the Americans would bring 12. They overcame opposition with an abundance of weaponry and technology. They would just overrun them. Case in point tanks, were Germany would have superior tanks, the Americans had 4 times as many and would show the next day with even more. The Americans would just beat you down with numbers.

You can’t scare me I work at MCDonald’s I’ve seen it all Halloween shirt

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The autumn before my mom died she had been hospitalized twice for breathing issues. The second time we were told she had fluid around her heart and the x-ray showed a shadow on her lungs, but the doctor didn’t indicate it was fatal just serious. She was given a high-pressure oxygen machine and had a home healthcare nurse come in twice a week.Fast forward to January, she is having a hard time breathing and needs to go to the hospital but the one she usually goes to doesn’t have any beds available. Because of a back injury, she is on opioids and in a lot of pain when they wear off. The doctor on duty refuses to give her opioids or allow her to take the ones prescribed by her primary doctor. Instead, he gives us all a lecture on opioid addiction. He also said all she needed was a night on oxygen and she would be okay to take home the next day.

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