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Official New England Patriots Dilly Dilly shirt

New England Patriots Dilly Dilly Shirt

Ben Roethlisberger called a Tennessee Titans Dilly Dilly shirt and the Tennessee Titans were sent to the “pit of misery”. Parody of those Bud Light commercials. I work with special needs students and they think it’s so funny to say “cheers” with their juice. I said “dillydilly” the other day and they couldn’t stop laughing. […]

Official Eagles dilly dilly shirt

Eagles Dilly Dilly Shirt

directly following the massive Messina earthquake in December of the previous year. This earthquake killed more than 200,000 people, decimating the cities of Messina and Calabria and much of that coast of Sicily. A resulting tidal wave actually swept my great Eagles dilly dilly shirt and their little family out to sea from where they lived in […]

Official Colts Dilly Dilly shirt

Colts Dilly Dilly Shirt

Nicholas and Santa were popular.Today, Father Christmas is a kind old gentleman who dresses, depending on his whim, in a long red robe trimmed with fur or a belted red jacket and cap in which case he is easily confused with Colts Dilly Dilly shirt, whose nocturnal habits he has also acquired. Meanwhile, another branch of […]