D Goalie Tee Shirt

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Top it all off with Lotan’s new oval-buckled leather belts, too, launching in October.) It’s a look that feels pulled together, yet relaxed, and helps you stand taller without feeling ostentatious or try-hard. For many women, it’s exactly what they’d like to be wearing right now at the D Goalie Tee Shirt, if only it were open. Lotan’s hope is that by 2021, we’ll be back to work—albeit in a socially distanced setting—and will delight in the process of throwing together an easy, confident outfit in the morning again.

D Goalie Tee Shirt

It’s this furious, philosophical, and wholesome pursuit of perfection that has made Touitou a leader with an almost religious fanbase. Last year, when he collaborated with Justin Saunders’s brand Jjjjound, over a hundred people crammed into A.P.C.’s Mercer Street store in New York just to hear the D Goalie Tee Shirt men speak; a conversation that played out more like an intellectual salon than a fashion chat. “That talk we did with Justin fueled me for 10 years,” Touitou says. “It was almost like a dissertation between Camusians and Sartrian people. I was so moved, so moved.

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