Dachshund on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

When I opened the Dachshund on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt door, there was a policeman. I had no idea what he wanted. He asked to see my dog. Thinking back, I think I just stared at him without saying anything. He then explained that the neighbor down the street had several sheep killed during the night. I think I just continued to stare at him. He then asked to see my dog, again. He asked if my dog was inside or outside. Since I was still trying to wake up, I finally said that my dog was inside. I explained that my dog was a St. Bernard and that she always comes inside at night. He told me he had to physically see my dog so that he could make sure that my dog had not killed the sheep. Maxine, my dog, then came to the front door. He asked to look inside her mouth.

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Dachshund on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

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Cat on the naughty list and I regret nothing shirt

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Cat after God made me he said ta da shirt

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He then stated that my neighbors were wrong about my dog and there was no way that my dog was to blame for the death of the sheep. My curiosity kicked in and I asked him how he could tell that Maxine was innocent. He said that if she had killed the sheep that she would have tuffs of sheep’s wool between her teeth. He thanked me before he left and apologized for waking me. Then I crawled back into bed and Maxine went back to sleep, also. I was dining one night when I saw four soldiers come into the restaurant that I was dining in. I recognized the uniforms and service medals so I told my waitress that I wanted to pay for their meal. I also asked that she not tell them upfront. The four ordered regular meals, not expensive, the meals even included their desserts. When they asked for their bill, the waitress told them that the bill had been paid in full by another customer, and he also wanted to thank you for your service.

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