Libertarian Porcupine shirt

Seriously you jest!! Peanut butter and jam on the same slice Libertarian Porcupine shirt of bread???? Never!!! Are you a barbarian?? Now listen close see, I’m only gonna say this once. Peanut butter MIST be spread using a butter knife in a thick even layer upon one slice of bread. The art is getting it very close to the edge, but not over onto the side. You’ll see why in a moment. Then you do the same with the COLD jam (straight from the refrigerator) using a tablespoon to layer an equally thick layer across the OTHER slice of bread.

Take heed that the jam does not touch the edge of that bread, although get it Libertarian Porcupine shirt as close as you can, yet not as far as you did with the peanut butter. With that completed, make sure you thoroughly lick the knife and tablespoon clean. Do not put them back in the drawer, but rather the sink. Here is the most important part, the marriage of the great opposites into a sacred union.

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