Life jesus christ eternal shirt

I was too much of a coward to say what needed to be said. Instead I blurted out: “I’m going to cut off all my hair.”So there I was, sitting in a spinning chair, clinging to a desperate hope that shedding part of my physical identity meant I could embrace a new one. Two days later, I came to the Life jesus christ eternal shirt in addition I really love this obvious yet cruel realization that this was a goal best accomplished by internal self-reflection, rather than completely ignoring your face shape and experience with hot tools. “I look like Dora the Explorer!” I hysterically wailed to my sister over Facetime.She did not confirm or deny—which tells you all that you need to know—but she did kindly suggest that maybe I buy some makeup to accompany my new “look.”That’s how I found myself at the Tom Ford beauty counter in Bergdorf Goodman with bleary eyes and a beanie hat. “Are you looking for anything in particular today?” the salesperson asked. I shook my head.

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