Maybe you need the top 8 most searched t-shirts in August 2020 for you and your family

Plus don’t teachers have enough to do before they start to police unruly teenagers? Actually this isn’t about freedom, the science tells us that facemasks, when worn for a prolonged time in a room, will make little difference in stopping the spread. It’s all about me, me, me IF I didn’t believe in the virus, I would still respectively wear a mask for the sake of others.

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For once people should actually think about the vulnerable in our society and not just your selfish selves and your freedom Nah, some dont care about their family members or other people’s family members at all. If there is going to be no social distancing (which there won’t be as they won’t be able to fit every child in) then yes masks should be worn by all. Kids are not going to be able to not touch the things they are irritating and annoying this all highlights how little the public cares about other people.

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