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I use to manage a 12 unit apt. bldg which was owned by a gypsy clan. One of my tenants was a nurse. She was a single gay female who was the female of the persuasion. She lived by herself paid the rent on time and was no problem. One day I met her in the front courtyard and she started a conversation. She told me she had the rent and I could come to pick it up when I had time. I said ok and went on with my chores. Later that evening I went to her apt. she was in her robe watching tv. I came in she had me sit down while she went to get the rent. I collected the rent wrote out her a receipt and was about to leave when she said do you like to eat pussy! I said what! She looked me in the eyes, pulled her robe apart opened her legs, and said, Do you like to eat pussy? I said if I didn’t I do now. She laid back, put one leg over the backrest of the couch, put the other leg on the floor pat her pussy, and said what are you waiting for. Bold and to the point. This type of relationship went off and on all the while she rented from me.

Bomb making equipment. In which my wife and I promptly called the local police, which in turn brought the FBI and the ATF to my house. That’s when we all met . It’s also when they realized I was a former SEAL who worked with ordnance and stopped yelling at me for moving it outside to a safer place. They gave me respect and asked me LMFAO if they could now do their job. I told them it was inert but they still evacuated some neighbors and the bomb suit guy verified my knowledge. And since that day I have never had a problem with the local police. I get away with alot of stuff I do on my property. I believe it stems from that day. My former best friend and I went thru hell and back together. And when we finally got thru it all he started to sleep with man after man. Girl after girl. There was no limit to his hoery and one day my girlfriend told me he had contracted hiv and fast forward some Time and one day I noticed my girlfriend was acting meaner and meaner.

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