Moto Marriage funny shirt

Moto Marriage funny shirt

Julio Garcia it might actually encourage more rural turnout in aggressively blue states bolstering support for conservatives. If we went on popular vote, LA county would have the Moto Marriage funny shirt says in every election for the entirety of the country. Nobody should win a presidency when they only win a handful of states that happen to be the most populated ones.

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They drag everyone to the Moto Marriage funny shirt David Murphy it’s the purpose of the college to force candidates to campaign the nation for states, not votes. Rob Lopez I’m willing to bet I do understand it more than you think you do. Oregon is telling their voter that they mean EVERYTHING, a piece of land does don’t have the right to vote, people do.

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They don’t believe in popular vote, or fair voting practice, or the Moto Marriage funny shirt of law. Let’s see how fast they delete their comments He’s probably an idiot and a Republican. No ones vote would matter unless you lived in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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If for example every voter in Oregon disagreed with those three cities in those counties, their votes won’t matter. Michael Lenin because if it goes only by popular vote there are only three counties in the Moto Marriage funny shirt country that can out vote the rest. It means Oregon has decided to throw its votes to whomever the majority of the nation votes for.

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Clearly you don’t understand how the Moto Marriage funny shirt when 3 plus illegal aliens vote Democrat in California. Then we will have a civil war because people will get fed up real quick. So cities will control rural areas and 98 % of county’s in our country will not have a say.



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