Mr Pic Collage shirt

Mr Pic Collage shirt

Janis Cross Brown from reports, Ex Pass shooter was partial Hispanic and yes his victims were random, not just one race. It was taking the Mr Pic Collage shirt in their face a step further, a fact that the Democrats love to do.

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The person who did this Mr Pic Collage shirt crazy, he didn’t care who he shot, it wasn’t just against one particular race he went into that Walmart just to shoot anyone in his way and to have his actions in the news. During his so called presidency, he has turned our once great nation into an international laughingstock and, at home, a growing cesspool of ignorance, deception, misogyny, and bigotry, all sanctioned and rubber-stamped by a spineless Republican Party. Don’t run and hide what a load of rubbish if anybody is to blame it is the press there print so many lies and fools believe thinking the truth is very difficult for trumps poorly educated.

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CNN showed its viewers photos of the Mr Pic Collage shirt and said Trump is doing this. Carol Walker Wearing of course this is all going to plan and Putin is drinking champagne because his puppet just keeps on spewing the Putin program. He wrote the plan to separate and cage children at the border, he wrote the hate filled speeches to inspire violence and hatred and now the whole world gets to see his work.

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Poor snowflake when Trump is re elected in 2020 Kevorkian’s minions will make tons of money. My prediction when Trump is re elected in 2020 democrats will need the Mr Pic Collage shirt of Dr. Michael Godly poor snowflake suffering from cranial fecal Impacting disease brought on by Trump delusion syndrome.

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Sounds like you’re suffering from cranial fecal ImpactIng disease brought about by Trump delusion syndrome. Educate yourself and pass this Mr Pic Collage shirt don’t be misled by the left’s lies and agenda to play you like a puppet. But last time I check the gunmen made HIS OWN JesuIt has nothing to do with the president.


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