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Not thinking much of it because I had heard it before, I asked her which car she wanted and if she wanted to test drive. She pointed at the car she wanted and said no test drive was needed, just sell her the car. I wrote up her information and got her to agree to a price with no negotiation. She wrote a check for the full amount with a few service extras, and drove off in her new car. For months, this lady gave me the run-around and not one of the sales people nor my managers thought she was legit. I even kinda gave up on her, just thinking she was a lonely old lady who liked having someone to talk to. When your next meal is reliant on the people who walk through the door, you go out of your way to make sure you do not judge them based on what they drove to your store in.

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One turned to two and then four. He was getting hostile and implying that cutting him off would cost me the job. He let me settle the register for the night while he kept drinking, for which I was grateful – I was working my way through college and had a class the next morning. He kept drinking. At his request – maybe “command” is the more accurate word – I left the bottle. Well, that at least freed me to close the place up, and also let me get away from the guy. He left when the manager and I did. He was not in great shape. Neither was I – it had been a long day. When I punched in for the next evening’s shift, the manager who had been on duty the night before broke the news: the drunken manager had rolled his car on the interstate, like twenty miles away. We weren’t sure yet how liable we were. He would live, but he was messed up.

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