Not Done Yet shirt

Not Done Yet Shirt

Israel was quite disappointed when USA decided to attack Iraq instead of Iran in 2003. Lee Ian Garner Yes, but they don’t exactly help much in this instance, when there’s so many uncontrollable variables. Robert Czarny quit making sense Rhonda Henderson then why you don’t use your Not Done Yet shirt and stop coming near Iran begging for oil and causes war and conflicts in the region.

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Todd Guy America wants to control and want the whole world to be slave of USA. Has anybody noticed that shortly after America start pumping its own oil, other oil producers and transportation start getting hit by attacks. If the tanks were heading to Japan, and the hole is in the Not Done Yet shirt of the ship, means the torpedo or missile was shot not from Iran coast.

Not Done Yet Tank Top
Tank Top

What a dummy Edd Rodgers The Iranians have precisely nothing to gain from such actions. Now that’s what I call a coincidence Mohammad Alavi apparently he’s Republican Will it be. It could come from any direction a boat a submarine or an aircraft if you gonna post at least Not Done Yet shirt something remotely sensible.

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Well the ones called Bush are All to get Trump reelected because war is very popular here. Robert Kenny It did but it has oil lots of oil in fact it seems there is enough to kill people for. Israel can’t attack Iran on its Not Done Yet shirt, also doing the job by US boys payed by US taxpayers will be much cheaper.

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Stuart Owens two Iranian passports and instructions for making explosives along with photographs of the ships and a detailed plan, sealed in a dry bag that was conveniently left behind in a rowing boat found at the scene. I’m betting there will be a confession that implicates Iran and we will all go along with Not Done Yet shirt like good sheep.






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