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So seeing my condition, he got me into online teaching to certain students via Skype. I had to deliver 4 lectures of 1 hr each day. I started earning some extra cash now. But still, it was not at all enough considering the treatment charges were going high with new medicines to be bought alongside the chemotherapy. But who knew that one more storm was heading our way. In between my grandfather passed away. He was broken inside seeing the condition of uncle. It was so unfortunate to us that we had to intentionally divert our focus from his death to the ongoing treatment. We hide this from my uncle for a long time. He was admitted to the hospital. And this continued till last month. The financial burden made me so strong and motivated to keep fighting for someone you love the most, to realize that materialistic happiness doesn’t last forever.

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Not my Circus not my Monkeys shirt

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That you have to sacrifice a lot of things you thought you could never do. But with God’s grace, the major report of 3 months of treatment came and my uncle is 80% fine now. Doses have been reduced now and the treatment and medicines are also lessened. So now I had to leave my side job as it really started to hamper my performance at my regular office work. I never told my parents about this until 2 days back when I had an emotional breakdown while talking to my younger brother. Well, everything seems to be coming on track now. And actually, this happened because of the good deeds my family, my uncle had been doing all his life. Now waiting for him to completely get well so that we all finally sit together as we used to do earlier and cry for once and all. There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t missed my grandpa. I do cry. I cry a lot. But again I have the responsibility to make my grandma’s life happier for the rest.


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