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The world is only 6000 years old according to The Flinstones and the Book of Genesis, but President Trump accepts evolution and a much older planet around 5 billion years old. American people should vote RED (Remove Every Democrat) for America to be great again. I saw many people from the left attacking her, its a disgrace and we thank this top official from Placer county for reaching out to offer help to this lady.

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The more I get to know about Democrats the more I learn why Noah allowed only animals into the boat. That’s the LAST Texas city I’d move to if wanting to escape liberal idiocy was my goal. Austin used to be a great college town, but now is taken over by Democrats and it’s awful now. I am going to rent a home in 2021 to see if this is the right place to move my 2 companies. Mary Frazier Amy Frazier I agree with you Placer would be a great place if she decided to stay in California. When Trump supporters have no real proof or retort, they spew this fake syndrome to make themselves feel good thinking they had the last word on any subject.

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