My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt

My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt

So the British who hate us Spaniards are going to name a land with a Spanish name and built Catholic churches. I can’t take this guy seriously, since he claims California was colonized by The British and the My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt. Sad media has people like tucker that use innuendo speculations to create animosity toward others.

My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

My patronus is a Shih Tzu youth tee
Youth tee

Of course they would revel in Tucker being boycotted instead of speaking out against freedom of speech. This is how they work, you either like what we like or we will put you out of business or cost you business and your livelihood. With Ingraham and Hannity’s equally racist rants we should boycott all Fox news advertisers for supporting Fox’s racist agenda.

My patronus is a Shih Tzu ladies tee
Ladies tee

This is a hit job by liberal anti free speech groups Isn’t like the My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt or 4th FOX entertainer (not a journalist) who lost advertisers because of terrible things they said. Facts don’t care about your feelings Fox News would take advertisement money from Ashley Madison, a website designed to help married people have an affair. Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle and The Five Liberals can’t handle the facts when the narrative doesn’t go their way.

My patronus is a Shih Tzu hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

My patronus is a Shih Tzu hoodie

For the My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt of November, Fox News accounted for 10 of the top 15 cable news programs in total viewers and claimed six of the top 10 cable news programs in the 25 54 demo. What do you guys wanna bet that when the ratings come out again he will still be NUMBER 1 and CNN will still be in the tank. No it’s not why do you people keep sharing fake news what a bunch of idiots demon rats she is just afraid because Tucker is killing it at the 8 o’clock hour and she tells fake stories.

My patronus is a Shih Tzu sweater

TLC has higher ratings than you. If a local hate radio station or national right wing Fox News type says something outrageous, put the My patronus is a Shih Tzu shirt into a meme with the sponsors logo and send it to them. If it weren’t for President Trump hate and paying every airport in the country to play, they would be out of business.


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