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I don’t think Meghan will ever take her child(ren) back to the UK. She may not even have the guts to show her own face. Her new pregnancy is a great excuse for this year. I think she also has a sadistic side and is enjoying punishing the RF and the British public (in her mind). They wouldn’t bow down to her and her upstaging antics and deserve to be punished. No. Like his wife, he sees himself as a victim. He honestly truly believes that he has been hard done by.Right down to denying his dad never took him out biking,when hundreds of photographs tell a different story.

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You should pack up and leave that marriage because you are poisonous to your husband and to his daughter. If you can’t handle having a spouse with a child then you need to find someone that does not have children. No decent person will choose their spouse over their kids. Your husband absolutely should attend that wedding, and I can immediately see why you weren’t invited, because you are toxic. In formal situations, like work, transit or church, Germans are very formal. German culture frowns upon “joking around” in these situations. You’re expected to be all business. It’s often a problem for them to deal with English or American businessmen who like to tell a few jokes before getting down to business. In German culture, that’s just inappropriate.


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