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It doesn’t help that he makes it so easy for people to put him down, especially when he says things that are designed to bait people, or just is openly dishonest, or at times, seems uncaring. Pio likes it that a builder, who is not a builder, or a politician, runs the country like his own personal criminal enterprise. Pio is tired of people putting down his hero but Pio is being willfully blind to the reality his hero has produced.


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I love how you actually report on a student’s looking increasingly like Trump is losing this election with the polls signposting a long-overdue court appearance for this fading reality star in 2021The crazy train to nowheresville. Now just imagine that there are bills, legislation, and laws that enable your marginalization even further that makes it justified for you to be marginalized. Hey if he wins it’s 4 more years of daily laughter so America’s loss is a win for the rest of the world.

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