Scott’s tots shirt

Scott's tots shirt

At least try to hide your misinformation BBC Maurice Sentence as a white, straight male, I find fascinating that people are so intimidated by the pride flag that they feel they need a flag of their Scott’s tots shirt. Banned US embassies from flying the flags from their flagpoles, they’re allowed to fly them elsewhere.


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 Granted he wants to be Top gun, but that may only happen under a Vanilla sky.At first, I thought this was a town where Gay people would be treated. I think it’s cool that this Scott’s tots shirt is trying to make a point in this way but the name of the town is confusing. There’s no need to put up any flag representing any social group, much less an ideological one.

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I’m all for people marrying whatever they want even an animal for friction’s sake if one chooses but quit shoving it down everyone’s throat. Good one by Mr Trump, you have to bring back these few lost Americans. That’s why he feels sad This is really what’s trending now. I might remind this Scott’s tots shirt and the rest of you fools that the American flag represents ALL THE PEOPLE.

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Worlds apart don’t go to hell well not the one you think of we all go to the big Scott’s tots shirt Anyone else just freaked out by the thought of buying a town. EVERY embassy that displayed these flags should be recalled as they have violated an order from the president. It’s so childish and boring The only flags flying at US embassies should be Stars and Stripes.

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Naming the town Gay Hell is only telling Scott’s tots shirt where they are in reality heading. Its like a loan that u TNT want to repay worse it’s NT acceptable in religion n many want it to spread to children. Jump Ali coming from someone who I’m sure has an already distorted view of the LGBT community it’s a disorder or escapism roping anyone interested in private conversation.




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