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Next day I’m in the Skeleton Taxi get in loser we’re saving Halloweentown vintage shirt lounge room and the other sister asks me for the rent, I tell her I paid it to her sister and she asks to see my rent book, I think you can see where this is going. Of course it’s not signed and when she checks with her sister she denies I paid her. I really liked living there but this is just a blatant rip-off. I tell Mark and he’s really pissed off and that’s that. A couple of days later Mark says his brother has a couple of rooms spare in his house and do I want to go, I know the house and it’s a great place, so yeah. The sisters had been hounding me for the rent everyday and I was trying to avoid them so Mark took my stuff and put it in my car, lots of trips as I had so much junk back then.

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Skeleton Taxi get in loser we’re saving Halloweentown vintage shirt

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I heard from one of the residents that Mark and I were not very popular and that the prawn smell had made his room unrentable. This all happened over 30 years ago, even now I think what he did was heavy handed, but what a great friend. Next, I remember seeing a car smash into him and his little body flying up into the air, then back down onto the bonnet before bouncing onto the road. As I watched this I could hear both my parents making wailing noises that were full of terror I had never heard before. I couldn’t understand why they were saying that. I saw what happened and the car didn’t run over him, it tossed him several meters in the air.

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