Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt

Spoop scootin' boogie shirt

They don’t want to be in touch, they want to continue paying zero federal taxes. All they do is talk about trump attacking somebody, what somebody said about trump, who’s winning the Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt drama and gossip 24 7. All they care about is ratings, not the issues that people actually care about.

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CNN and the Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt of corporate media is totally out of touch with the people. Kathryn Alvin they don’t want to give him good publicity, and he rarely has anything bad they can write about and still look like they have integrity. Although, I do like Tom Stars ideas but did he get in a little late.

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I am leaning towards Warren she does seem to have the Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt ideas out of all so far and I think could hold her own against Trump. It’s obvious to most that you are somewhat out of touch with current politics in this nation. Brenda Bay Burdock why did Bernie sell out to Hillary in the last election if he is so honest and sincere.

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Mike Vaughan Bernie supporters voted for Clinton at a much higher rate than Clinton supporters voted for Obama. Are you one of those who doesn’t get involved in politics because it bores you and just let the Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt who are trying to destroy our democracy get away with it. Just like I can’t stand trump because he’s a pathological liar and a dictator lover.

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Mike Vaughan, every Democrat, even Bernie, is 100 times better than the Spoop scootin’ boogie shirt liar, mean girl tweeting, narcissist in chief. As should you be that your fellow citizens are being used and thrown out like trash. It will take 100 years to US to improve health care and maybe it will not be necessary Brenda Bay Burdock Brenda, there are people who have other opinions.


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