Tinkerbell Happy Hallothanksmas shirt

Tinkerbell Happy Hallothanksmas shirt

If you want to care for the kittens, wait until they’re Tinkerbell Happy Hallothanksmas shirt trying to walk on their own, then shoo away mama and take the kittens inside, borrow and use a feral cat/racoon trap (also called a humane trap) to catch mama cat, and then once they’re weaned and they’re no longer drinking milk (about a month old), take them to the vet for deworming and their kitten shots. Once she’s weaned the kittens, take her to your local STOP clinic (google it) for spaying so that more kittens don’t happen.

After she’s been spayed, you can either let her stay with the Tinkerbell Happy Hallothanksmas shirt kittens somewhere in your house (but be aware she’s probably got fleas and worms), or you can release her back to wherever she was taking care of the kittens – she will likely stick around, because you had been feeding her while she was taking care of the kittens, and cats are never going to turn down easy food. Once the kittens are about two months old, take them back to the vet for their second round of kitten shots and have them spayed.

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