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Nothing is getting done in the House because Democrats refuse to compromise with who’s unhappy. Because the House of Representatives is an example of how a Democrat-controlled portion of the government is run. They’re about to have more conservative judges than the liberals, they have the Senate and the white house, but still unhappy, why. President for everyone no just for the couple and he doesn’t care if people die in this country Annnddd there goes your professional credibility. She is so good ma’am but people of the high sit don’t get to understand that though. Unfortunately, the Democrats are known to despise brightness and pulling their supports for poor judgment and characters.

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Barb Givens a Trump tweeted it many times are you saying this woman as smart as she is doesn’t read the paper or watch the news come on. Harris got her out of it made her look like a fool. Why is it she left out of her curriculums vitae the articles she signed condemning roe and her Condemning John Roberts for his vote on the ACA?

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