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Then the real abuse started. He started to criticize me on all levels, my personality, character, temperament, my behavior, my family. He even hoovered me back, and soon after that, he found a new girlfriend. He started to triangulate us, started comparing us.

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She was always better than me. The reason I couldn’t let him go is because I was trauma bonded, he continued to tell me how much he loves me and I didn’t want to loose him. I still miss him and I’m very broken currently.

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I was having a set of tires put on my car at a major tire franchise. I went next door to get a coffee and as in walked back in watched my car get dropped. This was a Lincoln Mark VII. Full frame, not exactly a tough car to raise. It only dropped a foot or so but all kinds of damage can happen underneath.

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As I stood there the “mechanic” re-set the lift and raised the car, looked under and claimed no damage was done. I insisted I be allowed to look under myself. I got the old “insurance regulations” argument but, as they say, “ that dog don’t hunt”. Insurance regulations be damned.

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You dropped my flipping car so I’m looking for myself. Could have nicked a brake line, gas tank, air suspension bag or air lines, or a host of other stuff. It turned out there were just a few scrapes on the frame. But that was the last time that franchise saw my car.

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I should have insisted they give me the tires for free. I did get a free alignment, balance, valves, etc. I.e. I told them I’d pay for the tires but nothing else. Had I not actually seen it there is no chance they would have told me.

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I’ve raised lots of cars and only dropped one – on myself. In my defense I was lifting the back end of my first car, a Triumph Spitfire, with a forklift and was yanking on a rear half shaft when I pulled it off the forks. Ok, that’s a lousy defense. I screwed up.

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Lucky for me a Spitfire rear end is so light I could lift both tires off the ground myself and the tire landed on my hips No injury or damage except for my ego since I had to call my dad to get it off me. Most other cars would have crushed something. I learned my lesson. Always be certain you set the lift correctly. You may not get a second chance. At least it was my own car.

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I can’t even describe the amount of relief I felt. I don’t even remember it. I kind of just sat right there on the kitchen floor when I heard the news that it was finally over. No more visits from the police or detectives, no more hate comments under my dad’s mugshot that’s been posted to facebook, no more confusion. It was a 2 year fight to prove he didn’t do it.

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