Top shirts from store moteefe on 19/09/2020 vote on a stimulus

Romney and Collins are on record saying they wouldn’t support it. Two more vulnerable R’s like Gardner or McSally and they can’t do it. Top shirts from store moteefe on 19/09/2020  vote on a stimulus Until at least the lame duck, expect Collins, McSally, and Gardner to vote for it if they’ve lost.

Halloween Pumpkin wearing a Mask 2020 skulls Shirt

Gnomes For Trump 2020 Christmas Shirt

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey With A Mask Shirt

My 70th Birthday 2020 The One Where I Was Quarantined Shirt

Sloth Mask My Official Quarantine Shirt

Namastay 6 Feet Away Mask Quarantine Yoga Shirt

Orange is Not the New Black Biden Harris 2020 Shirt

It Was Social Distancing Before Cool 2020 Original Quote Shirt

This is my Quarantine-o-ween costume 2020 Halloween Shirt

2020 Sucked Christmas Santa Claus But Way Quarantine Shirt

Herd Immunity Will cost 2 to 6 million lives vintage retro Shirt

I can’t mask my Excitement Of Being Your Lunch Shirt

I can’t mask my Excitement Of Being Your Lunch Lady Shirt

Halloween i’d rather be ghost hunting shirt

Halloween 2020 A True Horror Story Funny Shirt

Halloween 2020 Is The Best Halloween Year Costume-Shirt

Political I Was Going To Be A Democrat For Halloween Shirt

Halloween Pumpkin Wearing Face Mask 2020 Cat Shirt

Don’t let this human costume fool you i’m really a unicorn shirt

February Girl birthday quarantine in 2021 funny Shirt

Flour Power 2 May the Yeast be with you Shirt

December Girl birthday quarantine in 2020 funny shirt

Chicken Whisperer for farmers Shirt

Coolest Pumpkins In The Patch Happy Halloween Shirt

Cranberry Sauce Nutritional Label Thanksgiving Graphic Shirt

This is my human costume i’m really a bobcat shirt

Halloween skeleton truck or treat tractor shirt

Llama Can’t Mask love for my students Back To School Teacher Shirt

Coolest Pumpkin Wear Glass In The Patch Halloween Shirt

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