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That is a flat out lie. He and Barack Obama love each other. Donald Trump is the one that hates Blacks. cry cry cry he did this he did that good God man get over it. If he didn’t do this you would be mad if he did this you would be mad. He had a mask on that fixes everything right? So he had a mask. Both secret service guys had a mask. What’s the problem. Masks work don’t they? How was this reckless? Y’all crybaby conservatives are butthurt because Trump is getting whipped in the polls.

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Also, y’all don’t deal in facts, only conspiracy theories.You must vote for Joe Biden because of the Leader lead by example. Instead of wearing a mask and modeling appropriate behavior that is consistent with his own CDC guidelines, Trump chooses to encourage his cult not to wear a mask. He is an incubus of viral plague and what does it say about a person’s character who doesn’t give a care if he infects the people around him?

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