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So yeah, not going to play out very well for them. The governor of each state is over his/her own state. Some governors are letting everything go to sh! I feel bad for you. November is going to be rough for you. Trump is going to Mop the floor with that old senile pedophile.•We don’t know the full story. He could have been at fault. Let’s wait for the full story before making any conclusions this isn’t a police officer-involved shooting, so point one and two of your bs up there is irrelevant. Number three is something YOU should work on. Sounds like your first two statements you new the full story.

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So you stop jumping to conclusions. there is a video of the shooting actually happening. And the interaction with another Antifa person immediately before the shooting. It is all over social media. Watch it for yourself. He slapped the guy for getting in his face. Then the shooter was telling him to make him and when he did to get away from him he was shot.You’re burning up. I like it! he knows that. This is what narcissists with inferiority complexes do when they want to make the story relevant to them.

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