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He in his country most places pay monthly. I said because no matter how much you make you live paycheck to paycheck. that’s so very true. And sad. you should check out pair eye ware. I’ve thought about using them, they don’t seem that expensive for frames. Or last year I used Americas best, I was able to find 2 pairs I liked on their cheapest combo.

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Buy this now: Michael Myers boogeyman shirt

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I think it was like 2 pairs for 70. I just don’t remember what the lenses ran. Since I tend to drop boxes on my face at work I don’t like sending a lot of money on frames lol!! we did Americas best. He desperately needs to go again but even with ins and the special “deal”, it runs over $120 out of pocket every time. Since he is a kid we have to get the scratch resistance, coating insect.

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